China Anhui Kaile Special Vehicles Co., Ltd., whose original name was Anhui Fuyang Automobile Works, was initially founded in 1952 and renamed as the present name in 2003. It is the only enterprise in North Anhui involving itself in automobile refitting and one of the three biggest auto refitting enterprises in Anhui Province. The company possesses total assets of 160 million RMB, an annual production capacity of 10, 000 units of various types of special vehicles, in 2003 it achieved sales amount of 390 million RMB. There are more than 1,200 workers, itcovers an area of 353,000m2, the business site of the company is located respectively in Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Yinghe East Road, Fuyang city.
    After obtaining the qualification for auto refitting in 1998, through about 7 years development, the published varieties of refit vehicles of the company have been developed to 9 series with more than 150 specifications. In recent years, With the backup of such quality products in large quantity as semi-trailers, self-dumping trucks, van-type vehicles, full trailers, etc., the company has successively developed such special semi-trailers as car transport semi-trailers, semi-trailers for bulk cement transport, semi-trailers for chemical liquid transport, etc. Meanwhile it has also developed tank truck products refit from category II chassis. The development of these new products has cultured the new eco nomic growth point of the company, laying a good foundation for the sustainable development of the company. At present the company’s products obtained the title of famous brand products of Anhui Province.
     At present, conventional auto maintenance service is still an integral part of a company’s important operation. With the backup of domestic big auto groups, the company has set up more than ten technical service stations, its subsidiary―Fuyang Kaile Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in Fuyang city at present which has national class A qualification for auto maintenance.
     At present the company has also expanded its business scope to such sectors as auto transport, real estate development, etc. and established relevant subsidiaries to operate the business in such sectors.
    Since 1998, the company has gained a transnormal development and its production and sales scale has been expanding rapidly, in 2003 it entered the list of the 500 strongest enterprises in Chinese auto industry. From January to September 2004 the company achieved income of 404.52 million RMB from various sources, refit more than 5,800 automobiles of various types, turned over to the State more than 12.48 million RMB of taxes and duties, each target has gained in increase by a bigger margin against the same period of previous year and its product selling market has been extended to overseas market, its products have been successfully exported to Africa. It is predicted that by the end of 2004, its sales income can break through 500 million RMB, and the total sales volume of various types of refit vehicles can reach 7,000 units. The contribution rate of the company to the State in terms of taxes and duties has been increased from the original several hundred thousand RMB per year to present over ten million RMB, thus becoming one of the enterprises in Fuyang city with leading annual contribution of taxes and duties.

    With the quick enhancement of its economic power, the enterprise scale has also achieved a great development. Now, besides possessing a piece of land of over 7 hectares at its old factory site and the equipment and facilities used for auto maintenance and refitting, it has also purchased about 29 hectares in total used for the construction of its new factory site during the three phases of Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. In the new factory area 30,000m2 of production workshops has been constructed, there is a parking area of 15,000m2, it is well furnished with the basic facilities as the road, water supply, electric supply, communication, etc. Now the tendering work for the tank truck production workshops of 13,000m2 with an investment of 60 million RMB has been finished, it is expected that the workshops can be put into operation in the first half of next year. The already completed new workshops are furnished with various kinds of new equipment and facilities, thus satisfying the production need. At the same time, in order to speed up its development pace, the company is actively preparing to become a listed company for the section of medium and small-scale enterprises, at present the company has already entered the tutoring period.
    To continuously improve the management level is also the goal which the company has been constantly pursuing in recent years. The company introduced new personnel and new management concepts and invited various kinds of consulting experts to give lectures at the company, open training courses for many times, and organized persons to go outside to learn from those advanced enterprises, overcome its own demerits and shortcomings with a view to fulfilling the transition from the conventional maintenance concept to product manufacture concept and the transition from the conventional workshop production to process flow production. The company employs a certain number of college and university graduates each year, introduce mature technical and management personnel, thus having quickly improved the quality and structure of the personnel. It can be said that now the company has already owned a team of high-quality employees, they are active at the market frontline and production frontline and the frontline of various professional technical works and have strengthened the core competitive power for the rapid development of the company. At present the company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and product 3C certification, which provides good conditions and environment for product quality assurance and market development.
    The company is located in Fuyang city, Anhui Province, this city is an important central city in north Anhui, it enjoys convenient transportation by highway, railway and air, particularly the Beijing-Jiulong railway passes through the center of the railway network, which greatly increases the terminal capacity and opportunity for speeding up development of Fuyang city. Welcome our friends both at home and abroad to use our products, at the same time, we also sincerely hope merchants and friends both at home and abroad who commit themselves to the development of auto industry to inspect and invest in our company in the form of joint venture, cooperation, alliance, etc. to jointly create a beautiful tomorrow for Kaile.
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